Modern kitchen with sleek gray shelves, drawers, under warm lighting.

How to Clean Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes it can seem impossible to keep your kitchen spotless. While many people focus on dealing with visible messes such as stained floors, countertops, and stoves, cabinets often go overlooked.

You might be amazed at how much dirt and grime remains after spills or splatters; this buildup becomes harder to remove over time if you use harsher cleaning products that damage the cabinets’ paint. Here’s some advice for How to Clean Painted Cabinets:

When it comes to cleaning painted cabinets, gentleness is key. Read on for more information about the most effective cleaning techniques.

Modern kitchen with sleek gray shelves, drawers, under warm lighting.
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How Often Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Cleaned?

Your kitchen cabinets should be cleaned at least once a week, depending on their usage. The less often you clean your cabinets, the less grease buildup and easier it is to remove.

Regular maintenance helps protect against dirt, bacteria, grease, and other undesirable substances; regular deep cleaning may even extend the life of painted cabinets!

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How to Clean Painted Wood Cabinets

Be mindful of the potential damage water and harsh abrasives could do to your painted wooden cabinets. There are several gentle cleaning methods you can use depending on how much grease and dirt are present.

To clean your cabinets of dust and smudges, use a soft, damp cloth (microfiber is best). After that, you can dry them using another towel or cloth.

Make a sudsy mixture with dish soap and warm water to remove grease and grime from cabinets. Dip a soft cloth in the mixture, being careful not to soak it too long, then use it to scrape grease away in circular motions using circular motions.

After you have eliminated all grease, use another cloth to clean any spots or suds left behind before drying the cabinets.

To remove stains and grease, mix vinegar (1 cup), warm (two cups), and baking soda (1 teaspoon) as a cleaner. You may add some dish soap for extra strength. Dip a soft cloth into the mixture, and use it to scrub away any grease or stained areas.

You could also spray a solution of vinegar and water onto grease stains and allow them to sit for some time before cleaning; finally, use non-soapy soap to rinse away residue before drying cabinets.

Paint-safe cleaners can be used if the natural remedies mentioned above don’t do the trick. Just be sure to do a spot test before using. Moreover, cleaning cabinets more frequently helps protect them from being damaged by harsher cleaners.

Tips on Cleaning Painted Cabinets

Avoid Sponges and Abrasives

Utilize bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals in your cleaners

Avoid allowing your cabinets to get too hot

Do Not use Water on Cabinets or Hinges

Let Cabinets Air Dry

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How to Keep Painted Cabinets Clean

Regular, gentle cleaning is the best way to keep your cabinets free from grease, stains, dust, and other particles. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your kitchen cabinets spotless:

  • They should be cleaned frequently
  • After using the kitchen, clean it up
  • Spills must be cleaned up promptly
  • Do not hang damp towels on drawers or doors of cabinets.
  • At least once a year, deep clean the exterior and interior of your home. The paint can be refinished if necessary.

Are your freshly cleaned cabinets in need of refinishing?

Are you finding that after they’ve been scrubbed clean of grease and dirt, your cabinets still appear worse for wear? It may be time for a fresh coat of paint, regardless of whether the existing coat has become chipped or dull.


Cleaning wooden, painted cabinets is an important part of kitchen maintenance. With these tips for cleaning and refinishing your cabinets, you can extend the life of your kitchen and keep it looking great for years to come! Contact Painter Port St Lucie today at (772) 262-2611 for all of your cabinet refinishing needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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