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10 Best Herman Miller Office Chairs

There is no doubt that Herman Miller makes some of the best office chairs in the world.

Synonymous with ergonomics and style, Herman Miller is known for its ultimate combination of comfort, design, and precision engineering.

They are stylish, comfortable, and durable. But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we have put together a list of the 10 best Herman Miller office chairs, ranked!

What are the 10 Best Herman Miller office chairs?

Here are our top picks for the 10 best Herman Miller Office Chairs:

1.) Aeron ($1195-2195)

Sleek black Herman Miller Aeron chair, perfect for the office.

This Herman Miller chair features a patented PostureFit support technology that encourages proper posture and lumbar support.

Additionally, adjustable lumbar support and tilt resistance, arms, and height settings make Herman Miller’s classic Aeron chair customizable to fit any user’s body type and desired degree of comfort.

Offering five sizes – A through E – Herman Miller offers an Aeron chair for every size body type.

Furthermore, the Herman Miller Aeron sets itself apart from competitors with its Pellicle mesh material; it thermally balances the body by dissipating excess heat and moisture.

With cutting-edge features such as these, Herman Miller calls this their “best office chair ever” – a title they likely live up to given its higher price point compared to other similar chairs.

2.) Lino ($595-$975)

A gray Herman Miller chair with black seat and arms

This Herman Miller chair provides an ergonomic balance of comfort and productivity for office workers and home office employees alike.

It is made with sewn-on upholstery, a five-star base, and an adjustable pneumatic lift. The wide range of controls such as tilt limiters, synchronous mechanisms, and adjustable arms allow users to customize their space to their specific needs.

For added convenience, this office chair is lightweight and easy to move while remaining sturdy.

You’ll also appreciate the breathable mesh back and seat, which will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

The price point of the Herman Miller office chair may be attractive compared to other office chairs in the same class given its features including a 5-year warranty.

This office chair is sure to provide peace of mind if you’re looking for an ergonomically designed work environment at a reasonable cost.

3.) Sayl ($695-$1,295)

Sayl Chair in white, a sleek and modern design for comfortable seating.

This Herman Miller chair is a must-have for ergonomic comfort in the workplace.

This ergonomically designed chair works to consider your body’s natural contours when it comes to finding a comfortable sitting position.

In addition, its simple yet sophisticated design adds classic style and charm to any setting.

It features an adjustable backrest, adjustable seat depth, and height adjustability.

Moreover, it also has dual castors that make it easier to move around the office as needed.

The price tag on this ergonomic office chair might seem a bit steep, but its many features make it well worth it when compared with other ergonomic chairs on the market.

4.) Embody ($1,745-$2,195)

Embody Aeron chair by Herman Miller, a modern ergonomic design with adjustable features for optimal comfort and support.

This Herman Miller chair is certain to be a great fit for any workspace!

This incredible model features pixelated support that conforms to each individual’s micro-movements for complete posture support and eliminates pressure buildup, promoting long-term comfort.

The narrow back allows freedom of movement while still providing the correct inbuilt posture, while the breathable four layers of seat support keep you cool in the hottest conditions.

Additionally, adjustable armrests and a pneumatic seat lift further adjust to your needs, resulting in an all-around ergonomic experience.

To top it off, models with a graphite frame have a black back and all other colors feature a translucent back — and no matter which you pick — With a 12-year warranty undeniably backed by the Herman Miller name you cannot get better quality anywhere else!

5.) Mirra 2 Chair ($995-$1,595)

Mirra 2 Chair Black ergonomic office chair:

This Herman Miller chair is a top-of-the-line ergonomic office chair, designed with unique several ergonomic features to provide superior support, comfort, and improved posture.

The spine of the chair has a unique loop design that provides torsional flex for sustained comfort when sitting upright for long periods or reclining for better posture throughout your day.

Moreover, breathable seat materials allow airflow to keep your body temperature regulated.

In addition, ergonomic technologies like recline tension, tilt limiter, and adjustable arms let you stretch, reach and recline smoothly while maintaining an ideal ergonomic position.

Sustainability also remains in mind as the chair is made up of 53 percent recycled materials and 92 percent recyclable.

All in all, this feature-packed ergonomic office chair offers maximum comfort and ergonomics at an exceptional price!

6.) Cosm Chair ($895-$1,995)

 A gray and black Cosm office chair

This Herman Miller chair is the perfect combination of sleek design, superior craftsmanship, and ultimate comfort.

This contemporary office chair has advanced ergonomics to ensure your body is properly supported while sitting for long hours, avoiding fatigue and discomfort.

The right chair will provide extra support in key areas like the lumbar, shoulder, and neck regions and can be easily adjusted via a handwheel control.

It also comes with adjustable seat height and arms, as well as tilt tension so that you can keep your ideal posture even when reclining or leaning forward.

The back of the chair can be effortlessly adjusted to fit your desired shape, providing extra comfort and continued support throughout your work day.

With all these features factored in, it’s no surprise that this office chair comes at a higher price point.

The chair comes with a moderate price tag, ensuring longevity and practicality for an affordable cost.

7.) Verus Task Chair ($795)

Verus Task Office Chair

This Herman Miller chair is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a classic and ergonomic seating option.

This classic office chair features an easily adjustable height and tilting tension, padded armrests, and a classic shape that offers great lumbar support.

Thanks to its combination of function, form, and affordability, the Herman Miller Verus office chair outshines cheaper chairs, but still comes in at a much more budget-friendly price.

And at a competitive price point, this chair is an excellent choice for those looking for premium office seating at a lower cost compared to other ergonomic office chairs

Overall, this classic ergonomic office chair offers the perfect mix of aesthetic appeal and comfort.

8.) Eames Executive Chair ($4,295-$5,949)

Herman Miller Eames Executive Chair in black

This Herman Miller chair is a comfortable, classic executive chair that any professional would be proud to own.

The chair is expertly crafted with a comfortable seat cushion and armrests that provide plenty of support to help relieve neck and back pain during long working hours.

Its adjustable arms and tilt mechanism allow for comfortable seating postures that can increase productivity while reducing fatigue.

Aside from its aesthetics and ergonomics, the Eames Executive office chair offers great value for the price; many agree that it surpasses the quality of most chairs in the same price range.

Whether you are looking for optimal comfort or just aiming to make an impression in your office, this Herman Miller functional piece will undoubtedly exceed your expectations!

9.) Setu chair w/arms ($795-$1,195)

Setu chair w/arms - black and gray office chair

The Herman Miller chair offers lumbar and arm support while providing the sitter with a generous range of movement.

This adjustable office chair is an intelligent design, engineered from an innovative Kinematic Spine that provides resistance as needed and simultaneously binds the seat and back for stability.

It offers a wide range of adjustability options, including height adjustment and tilt control, along with angle and depth control of lumbar support. 

The frame consists of lightweight yet strong materials intended to blend into both contemporary and traditional office designs, adding a stylish touch.

Additionally, this modern design features a breathable mesh seat and backrest for comfortable sitting even during extended times of use.

The Setu is an easy-to-maintain design that, at the price point of around $900, is excellent value for money given its combination of ergonomics, quality construction, and aesthetic appeal.

10.) Embody Gaming Chair ($1,346-$1,795)

Embody Gaming Chair

This Herman Miller Chair is the perfect solution for any office professional looking for an ergonomic design that will make their working hours more comfortable and help keep good posture over prolonged periods.

In addition to providing good lumbar support, this office chair also includes an innovative tilt mechanism that moves with you as you work, allowing you to stay in a comfortable position without needing to constantly adjust your seating.

It is designed to keep feet flat on the floor, making sure your spine is aligned correctly at all times during long hours of work or gaming

With its adjustable armrests and height settings, this good chair is designed to fit almost any size—and its customizable foot rings and 12-year warranty provide added assurance of quality.

Compared to other chairs on the market, it’s clear why the Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair stands alone; it’s the only chair that combines advanced ergonomics with adjustable design features at such a competitive price.


In conclusion, the Herman Miller office chairs offer a wide range of options to suit any professional’s needs.

From the classic Eames Executive chair to the innovative Embody Gaming Chair, they are designed to provide superior comfort and ergonomic benefits.

With adjustable features and multiple price points available, these chairs are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality office chair!

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